Monday, July 25, 2011

Adventures in Grilling

You know by the title that this isn't going to be good right? Just a warning.

Since moving from a house in the bluegrass state, to a second floor apartment in sweet home Alabama, the grill is still in storage. So, I figured I would tweak a few of my recipes to accommodate. It wasn't that easy, or that tasty.

I began to search for an alternative to a large grill and started with a GE 4 in1 Grill/Griddle.

It was a great deal and has removable plates that I can easily pop into the dishwasher for a quick clean. I laid some beautiful all beef hot dogs on the grill and it started sizzling with purpose. Unfortunately this only lasted for about 3 minutes, then it kicked the electric breaker and shut off. I just can't get it, and the power, to work at the same time. Bummer.

On to the next experiment with a grill pan. This worked nicely and wasn't as expensive as the indoor grill. It treated all my meats to a nice even grilling complete with juicy texture and grilling taste. Sold!

While net surfing the other day, I also found the balcony grill. It was a really neat concept, but was unable to locate one sold in the states.

Have you had any adventures in grilling?

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