Monday, July 18, 2011

Desk Destiny

It's past time to establish an office in my current abode. If you've ever worked from home, worked at home, or done homework, you know how important these are.

Before I pull out the cash, I'll hit a few of my favorite online vendors to determine a look which suits me and the room.

Option 1- Funky streamline. I like the desk and the chair. The desk would be ideal since my current computer is a laptop, but what if I want to (or must) upgrade to a desktop? I'll probably skip the deer head. Hmmm... I'll add this to the list but won't pounce just yet.

Option 2: Modern clean. Again, nice desk but little storage for all of my files and such. And believe me- I have "such!" The chair isn't really my style, but this has potential.

Option 3: Do it myself. I like this desk with it's clean lines and option to paint whatever color that suits me. It's not a bad price ($279) and has free shipping. To handle the other papers which goes along with life, I could always purchase a few items from Ikea.

Option 4: This picture is courtesy of Young House Love. If you haven't seen their site, grab some popcorn and go now! (Also check out their chihuahua's blog via Burger.) I love the DIY aspect of this desk with the hidden storage and comfy chair. Perhaps that's a door they've filched from Craigslist?

I'll let you know what I decide with pictures, of course.

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